Greenville Musician Meets Kevin Nealon During Set In St. Louis

Jeff Chapman (left) with Kevin Nealon of Saturday Night Live fame

Greenville musician Jeff Chapman recently met Saturday Night Live alum Kevin Nealon during a show in St. Louis.

Jeff shared the story with WGEL:

“On Thursday October 8, I was doing the early show at BB’s Jazz, Blues, & Soups in downtown St. Louis, opening for touring artist Larry McCray. Following our set, I noticed Kevin Nealon at the bar, near the front entrance. A couple of women I knew were chatting with him and they asked me to take a picture of them together.

After I took the pics, I stuck out my hand and said, ‘How are you doin’ tonight?’ He grabbed my hand and replied, ‘Great, how about you?’ He apologized for getting there too late to hear our set, asked about our music, asked about the guitar I was playing. He told me he was trying to teach himself to play blues on guitar.

He didn’t say exactly why he was in St. Louis, (not for baseball, I asked). He said he was leaving St. Louis early the next morning and wanted to hear some blues while he was in town.

I gave him copies of two of my CDs to take along – He thanked me 3 times for that!

He was a very approachable, no ego, down to earth guy.”

SOURCEPhoto courtesy of Jeff Chapman
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