Greenville Regional Hospital President & CEO Brian Nall Provides GRH Medical Group Family Practice Update

Greenville Regional Hospital President & CEO Brian Nall recently provided this update to the community regarding the Greenville Regional Hospital Medical Group Family Practice…

Since our announced intent to affiliate, HSHS Medical Group has been dialoguing with each of GRH’s family practice providers regarding future employment post HSHS ownership. Now that each provider has made their decision, we are excited to share with you the new provider delivery model changes the Greenville community should expect to see in 2016.

Drs. John Dawdy, Tracy Hall, and Boyd McCracken will all continue to practice in their current office along with their nurse practitioners, Stephanie Comrie, Julie Doll, and Cindy Gray. We are grateful to have this great team of providers and staff working with the new HSHS Medical Group in spring 2016.

Drs. Kelsey Hopkins and Phil Siefken together are making arrangements to open their own independent practice, Greenville Family Medicine, LLC which will be located at 1000 Red Ball Trail. They will be free to transition staff and patients to their new practice. The new practice will begin in early 2016 as soon as they have made the necessary arrangements. They will continue to practice with GRH Medical Group until that time.

Dr. Richard Funneman has decided to begin a transition to work in Emergency Medicine starting March 1, 2016. After serving in Family Practice for 25 years, he is ready to begin something new. Dr. Curt Hofer has been retained to start practice in Dr. Funneman’s place beginning February 1, 2016. He will remain with the practice while GRH and HSHS Medical Group search for permanent replacement.

For the past few years, GRH has been searching for 1-2 additional Family Physicians and will continue to do so with the assistance of HSHS Medical Group. Nurse practitioners, Christy Forbes and Susan Hohlt will continue to practice at the same location.

In the end, the Greenville community will continue to have family physicians serving the community. GRH and HSHS are excited the community will have a diversity of choices and will continue to work to add more family physicians in the future.

SOURCEPhoto courtesy of Greenville Regional Hospital
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