Flag Pole Installed At Helia Healthcare In Memory Of Former WGEL Farm Reporter Fred Baumberger

A new flag pole has been installed at Helia Health Care in memory of former WGEL farm reporter Fred Baumberger.

Flag pole 3

Jim Blankenship, commander of Greenville American Legion Post 282, told WGEL Fred Baumberger lived at Helia for the last few years of his life and noted the flagpole at Helia Healthcare was bent from storms. Fred had made a donation to the American Legion post and they, in turn, thought they should replace the flag pole at Helia Healthcare to honor the veterans who live in the facility.

Click below to hear Blankenship read the inscription on the plaque, placed on the foundation of the flagpole:

The new flag pole is 25 feet tall. A new light has been installed so the flag can be flown at all times.

Flag pole 1

A dedication ceremony is being planned for November 11, Veteran’s Day, at 2:00 p.m.

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