Greenville Residents Taking Advantage Of City Leaf Vacuuming

Many Greenville residents are taking advantage of the City of Greenville’s leaf vacuuming program.

City Public Works Superintendent Bill Grider asks residents to keep leaves out of the roadway and out of ditches and gutters. When it rains, the leaves will flow down and clog the storm drains, causing flooding issues. Leaves should be piled on the shoulder of the road. Grider also asks that you keep sticks out of leaf piles. When the vacuum sucks up sticks, it can lead to many mechanical issues.

Click below to hear his comments:

Leaves are being vacuumed on a weekly schedule through December 18. Refer to the map at to see when the vacuum unit will be in your area.

Those wanting to burn leaves are reminded they must first obtain a free permit from the city.

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