Kaskaskia College Enrollment Down

The uncertainty of state funding isn’t the only financial problem facing Kaskaskia College. While she was in Greenville Monday, K.C. President Penny Quinn revealed enrollment has dropped at the college.

She said they were down 1,644 credit hours for the summer, about a 15% decline. She also noted that fewer students are enrolled in the summer when compared to fall or spring. In the fall, enrollment was down almost another 3,500 credit hours, about a 9% decline.

Traditionally, when enrollment is down in the fall, it is down in the spring as well. Quinn estimates enrollment will be down by about 11% for the current fiscal year, which equals a little over 11,000 credit hours.

The total fiscal impact of the drop in enrollment is projected to be about $2.5 million.

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Quinn said part of the reason traditional student enrollment is down because fewer students are graduating high school. She said the biggest factor is that the economy is relatively good, allowing people to find jobs fairly easily. Quinn said community colleges typically see a jump in enrollment when the economy takes a hit.

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The K.C. president reported that expenditures continue to be reviewed in addition to ways to make enrollment grow. While it’s difficult at this time, Dr. Quinn said she wants to eventually build the college’s cash reserves.

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