Kaskaskia College Hosts Advisory Meeting In Greenville

A Kaskaskia College advisory board meeting was held Monday morning at the K.C. Greenville Education Center.

Several representatives of the college were joined by about 20 members of the community.

The current financial status of Kaskaskia College was addressed by Dr. Penny Quinn, president of the college.


Quinn said the state made a correction in 2011 to realign the budget and the carryover from three years of being out of balance was not compensated for. In addition to a backlog of unpaid bills in 2015, Quinn said the revenue estimates made were about $1 million off.

When the budget was approved for KC this year, the budget was approved based on a flat, balanced budget. Quinn said funds have not come in and there is no word on when they will. When they do, she noted that it is still unknown whether the funds will come in at 100% or less.

Click below to hear her comments:

Dr. Quinn reported 32 percent of the budget is state funding with 15 percent from local taxpayers and the rest from student tuition.

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