Mrs. Krober’s Third Grade Class Welcomes Veterans, Program Comes Full Circle

Front row: Chris Endris, Dennis Woll, Vern Pryor, Colin Davis, Kent Maples, Logan Dorries Back row: Gary Hornes, Louie Steiner, Tom Jackson, Charles “Sonny” Connor, Jerry Bohannon, Richard Peterson

On Tuesday, November 10, Sandy Krober’s third grade class at Greenville Elementary School held a special program for area veterans. The students invited family members and friends who have previously or are currently serving in the military. Two students hosted each veteran, welcoming them to the school, serving them refreshments, and presenting them with a “thank-you” note.

The kids had spent several weeks learning about the military, veterans’ affairs, and the importance of recognizing those who have served the country. In preparation for the program, the theme was incorporated with vocabulary and spelling work and even their math lessons. The students learned about fractions and used their new skills to follow recipes to make the refreshments served during the program. Students incorporated geography and math, marking on a map the areas veterans had served and keeping tally marks of which branch of service they were involved in.

The program marked a full circle for Mrs. Krober in a few ways. This was the twelfth year for the program in her class. Twelve years ago, a third grader named Lukas Hamby was one of the very first students to host a veteran for the event. He hosted his grandfather, Richard Peterson.

Sandy Krober w/Lukas Hamby
Sandy Krober w/Lukas Hamby

This year, Lukas is serving in the Navy and was invited back to the class. He was being deployed prior to the program, so he visited the class a week early to tell students about his service. Richard Peterson returned to speak to the class again this year.

This will be the final “Thank You” reception as Krober is retiring at the end of the school year.

After the program, Mrs. Krober shared the following with WGEL:

“Tuesday was my final Veteran program since I will be retiring after this school year. Twelve years ago, Lukas Hamby was one of the students in the first class to host veterans for the Thank You Reception. He hosted his grandfather, Richard Peterson. This year Lukas is serving in the US Navy and I thought it would be great to bring him back for my last program to again be with his grandfather. However, since Lukas was to return to his post in California on the 3rd, he was unable to attend the program. He was gracious enough to visit my class on the 2nd to tell us a little about what his responsibilities are in the Navy. This year Mr. Peterson was again selected to be honored at the program. He was hosted this year by Nolan Tabor and Cohen Alstat. Each student had the responsibility of hosting a veteran. They sent invitations, wrote thank-you notes, learned speaking parts and a song, and made refreshments and decorations. After they presented their veteran with the thank you note, it was heart-warming to see them talking and interacting with several of the vets. I hope a seed was planted.

What a joy it has been to teach students about our veterans and the freedoms they fight for that are often taken for granted.”























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