No Truth In Taxation Hearing For New Greenville Tax Levy

The Greenville City Council will not conduct a truth in taxation hearing for the new tax levy.

That decision was made at the recent council meeting.

City Manager Dave Willey said the city would not exceed a 5% increase in the levy. He said they’ve not begun work on the levy outside of committing that it will not be more than a 5% increase.

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Truth in taxation hearings are required if a taxing district plans to exceed the past year’s tax extension by more than five percent.

The tax levy will be on the council’s December 13 meeting agenda.

The levy must be submitted to the county clerk by the final Tuesday of December.

The council approved the 2016 motor fuel tax resolution.

A total of $202,692 has been allotted from motor fuel tax funds to maintain city streets next year. City Manager Willey advised the city will not obligate money until motor fuel tax funding is known. MFT funds are currently not being distributed by the state.

The council approved a proposal from the Illinois Municipal League Risk Management Association for property, general liability and worker’s compensation insurance coverage.

The premium has increased by 5.9 percent to $138,011.94. The city will also pay another $1,686 of federal insurance for machinery breakdown.

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