Non-Payment By State May Lead To SWEC Electric Disconnection

In a letter to the State of Illinois from Greenville based Southwestern Electric, CEO Kerry Sloan says Southwestern will have to cut off electric service to the state for violation of the company’s non-pay policy.

According to the letter some of the state accounts have been subject to disconnection as much as 4 months ago. Sloan goes on to say “This letter serves as your final notice that we will begin disconnection of service if payment is not received by December 1, 2015.”

Sloan notes that as a not-for-profit utility, Southwestern relies on members to pay their bills promptly so SWEC, in turn, can pay their bills and provide power to nearly 23,000 homes, medical facilities, schools, businesses, and industries throughout southwestern Illinois.

This action comes as the latest fallout from the lack of a budget for the state since Republican Governor Bruce Rauner and Democrats, who have super majorities in both chambers of the General Assembly, remain at an impasse.

Citing the privacy of its customers, SWEC spokesperson Joe Richardson was unable to detail which state facilities may have their power cut off on December 1.

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