Unit 2 Board Ratifies Contract For Certified Teachers

By a vote of 6 to 1, the Bond County Community Unit 2 school board, at a special meeting Monday evening, ratified a one-year contract for certified teachers.

The contract will result in an additional $106,000 being spent on teacher’s salaries. The increase will occur in January and is not retroactive.

Casting the no vote was Michael Timmermann, who addressed the financial condition of the district and what he believes the outcome of more deficit spending will lead to.

During discussions, Timmermann said, “This year we’re already scheduled to spend $900,000 more than what we’re going to earn in revenue. But, at the rate we’re going, we will have $400,000 left in our ed fund, which is less than two weeks of salary and benefits for our employees. That is terrifying…”

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Board President Edmar Schreiber also made comments before the vote on the contract.

He said there was a perception of the board not wanting to give teachers a salary increase and not appreciating what teachers do, which he said is far from the truth.

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Superintendent Wes Olson said the agreement provides for a salary schedule step increase to take place in January. He said that means for the second part of the school year, the certified teachers would receive essentially half of a step increase.

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Teachers approved the tentative contract agreement last week. The proposal was reached after the two sides met with a federal mediator.

The district now has to settle a new contract with the non-certified staff. Olson said plans will be made immediately to schedule negotiation sessions.

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