911 Director Pleased With Release Of State Pass-Through Money; Board Elects Officers

The big news in the recent Bond County 911 Board meeting was the recent passage of Senate Bill 2903 and the impact it will have on 911 funding.

Bond County 911 Director Alan Davis said the passage of the bill will allow “pass through” money, including 911, motor fuel tax, and lottery funds, among others, to be released to local communities.

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Davis told WGEL Bond County 911 has fared the budget impasse prior to the passage of Senate Bill 2903 fairly well. He said other counties haven’t been as lucky.

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The 911 director said even though the local program was not in dire straits, the release of funds is still a welcome relief.

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The 911 board elected officers for the coming year. All current officers will retain their positions: Rex Catron, Chairman; Robert Neer, Vice Chairman; Chris Wagner, Secretary; Lou Lorton, Treasurer.

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