County Contemplates Lawsuit Over Lack Of State Funding

Could the State of Illinois’ failure to forward money it collects for counties lead to Bond County suing the state? That was a topic at Tuesday morning’s county board meeting.

State’s Attorney Chris Bauer said the payments include motor fuel tax, 911 money and personal property replacement tax.

According to Bauer, there are bills pending at the legislative level that would release the money to counties, cities and townships and they might be addressed this or next week.

Bauer outlined the situation for the county board, noting that certain salaries for county offices are largely funded by the missing money. He said we are in the sixth month of not receiving funds. Bauer noted that having just completed the budget process for 2016, the county board members were well aware of the impact a continued lack of funding would have on the county going forward. He said the disbursements are required by law to be made, whether or not there is an appropriation, and the funds are currently accumulating and not being released.

Click below to hear a portion of his presentation to the board:

The county board plans to discuss the issue later this month.

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