Gov Bond Lake Level Raising, Water Rescue in Montgomery County


Rain from the past few days has led to the level of Governor Bond Lake rising. Most of the area has received over 8 inches of rain since Saturday.

According to City Manager Dave Willey, water is over boat docks on the lake, and Monday around noon it began going over the emergency spillway at Buzzard Bay Marina.

It has been estimated that the water level is at least 40 inches above normal pool.

Late last week, it was reported that water was over the emergency spillways on Glenn Shoals Lake at Hillsboro and Lake Lou Yeager in Litchfield.

A vehicle became stranded in floodwater Sunday morning on the Red Ball Trail near the Coffeen Power Plant in Montgomery County.
Coffeen firefighters were sent to the scene along with firemen from the Hillsboro Fire Department. Water was up to the windows of the vehicle, but no one was inside or around it.

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