Greenville Mayor On New Legislation That Releases Some State Funds

Finally, some good news came out of Springfield this week.

No, it’s not a budget, but legislation has been passed and signed to release money the state was collecting and was supposed to pass on to cities, counties, townships and other entities.

Greenville Mayor Allan Gaffner said that the city will be receiving the money owed to it, including motor fuel tax funds, lottery receipts, video gaming receipts and other taxes collected throughout the state.

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Mayor Gaffner said anytime budgeted funds are not available a hardship is created and purchases have to be delayed. He said the City of Greenville was owed approximately $60,000-$70,000 and noted that having the funds at this time will be very helpful.

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The mayor said the legislation will allow the various funds, collected by the state, to be distributed on a regular basis as expected by governmental units.

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