Mulberry Grove High School Crowns Homecoming Royalty


Homecoming week at Mulberry Grove High School ended Saturday night with the coronation in the gymnasium.

MG 2015 Homecoming 2

Crowned as queen was Lyriq Bernard, daughter of Kristin and Tony Williams of Mulberry Grove.

The king is Jack Criner, son of Brad and Becky Criner of Mulberry Grove.

MG 2015 Homecoming 3

The theme for the homecoming coronation and dance was Winter Twilight.

The senior king and queen candidates, joined by students from each of the other three classes, performed the traditional waltz dance.

MG 2015 Homecoming 4

Other queen candidates were Kylea Vohlken, Kenzie Belcher, Beth Green, Brianna Koontz and Emelia Langel. King candidates included Shawn Iberg, Kyle Jett, Tyronn Madison, Chandler Mosley, and Austin Redfern.

Underclassmen participating in the program were Destiny Bernard, Morgan Felix, Delaney Enloe, Kaitlyn Rench, Haley Snow, Kelsie Waters, Zane Belcher, Trevis Bohannon, Logan Childress, Dawson Enloe, Brian Fields and Chandler Hans.

The Mulberry Grove junior High coronation ceremony is scheduled for January 9th.

SOURCEPhotos courtesy of Connie Criner
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