Split Greenville City Council Vote Concerning Tax Levy

The Greenville City Council held a lengthy discussion Tuesday night about the new tax levy.

Greenville City Manager Dave Willey recommended that the levy be increased five percent, which would have brought another $40,139 into the city’s coffers.

Commenting he wished the city could lower the levy by three percent, Councilman John Gillard made motion to have no increase.

“The City of Greenville will have the same tax levy that we had last year,” Willey told WGEL. “So we will not increase the tax levy at all, and that was a split vote at the council table.”

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Voting for no increase in the levy were Gillard, Mayor Alan Gaffner and Jess Adam. Voting against the motion were Roger Sanders and Mike Heath.

With no increase, the city will once again have a tax levy of $802,798.

During the meeting, members of the council expressed concern over the levy system that must be followed by law. Willey addressed that issue.

“The way the levy process works in Illinois, you’re levying in December for expenses you’re going to have starting May 1,” Willey told us. “And worse yet, you’re levying against an estimate of the equalized assessed value that the levy is applied to. So you really are guessing at two of your targets, out of three.”

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The tax levy must be submitted to the county clerk no later than the last Tuesday of December.

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