Unit 2 Board Adopts Tax Levy


The Bond County Community Unit 2 School Board adopted a tax levy Monday night at its December meeting.

Prior to the vote, the board held a public hearing with two residents making comments and asking questions.

The levy was passed unanimously by the board.

The total levy is $8,154,275 ($8 million), an increase of 8.09 percent over last year.

Increases include $20,000 in each of the Social Security and Illinois Municipal Retirement funds, and $100,000 in the tort insurance fund.

Superintendent Wes Olson was asked if he could provide information regarding the effect of the levy increase on the taxes of property owners.

“The process is a little backwards,” he said. “Unfortunately, we don’t make the process, the State of Illinois does. So, this is when we’re forced to have a levy hearing. We don’t know exactly what the EAV is going to be…I can tell you that based upon just the overall number here, we’re asking for a slight increase in three areas. Essentially, we’re asking for about $140,000 more than what we asked for last year. So, what that will do to your own personal property tax, I don’t know, because we don’t know what the EAV is going to be and that’s how it’s determined.”

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Olson said the board is committed to providing a quality educational program for all students while remaining sensitive to the impact on Unit 2 taxpayers.

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