Animal Rescue Worker Advises Safety On Ice

There have been two stories from our region recently about men falling through ice on local waterways. A Granite City man died in January after crashing through ice while trying to recover a drone that had fallen onto ice.

Another man, Mike Fears, of Hamel, an animal rescue worker, fell through the ice a few weeks ago while trying to rescue a deer that had also fallen through the ice. Fears was pulled to safety and did not require any medical treatment.

Fears told WGEL he urges an abundance of caution when it comes to venturing onto ice, noting that he was able to employ extra safety precautions not available to everyone. Fears had secured himself with a rope as he approached the ice because he knew the chances of him falling through were very good. He also had been in contact with Bond County Animal control officials and they had proper authorities on standby.

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Even though the ice has thawed in recent warm temperatures, area firefighters and first responders are reminding everyone never to venture onto any ice covered waterway.

Mike Fears frequently works with wildlife/conservation organizations in the area as well as local animal control offices and is available to assist with any animal rescue situations. You can contact him at 618-340-5100.