Bond County Court Numbers Up In 2015


Bond County Circuit Clerk Rex Catron reports his office was busier with case filings in 2015 when compared to the previous year.

Catron told WGEL felony and misdemeanor crimes were up significantly; 53% for felonies and 34% for misdemeanors. He said those increases require a lot of time from his office and the State’s Attorney’s office.

Catron said divorce cases were up 36% from a year ago and DUI’s were up 10%. Traffic cases were up by 10%.

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A total of 8,609 cases were filed last year, an increase of 843 from 2014.

In 2015, there were 119 felony cases, 147 misdemeanor cases, 95 divorces filed, 46 DUI citations, and 7,667 traffic tickets issues in Bond County.