Change In Early Voting For Primary Election

The start of early voting for the primary election has been changed.

Bond county Clerk Randy Reitz told WGEL that the federal and state guideline to begin voting early is February 4. “Unfortunately, we received notice from the State Board of Elections that due to the objections of petitions at the state level, the state will not be able to certify the ballots to us,” he said. “So we cannot print them until they give us the certification.”

He said early voting will most likely start closer to February 14. He welcomes voters to call his office between February 4 and 14. If ballots are in at that time, you will be able to vote early.

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Early voting is for those who are registered to vote and who do not want to go to the polls on Election Day. They can vote at the county clerk’s office.

Reitz said February 16th is the deadline for voter registration. The deadline for early voting is March 14th.

Grace voting is available to those who are not registered. They can visit the county clerk’s office, register at that time, and must also vote then.

More information on voting can be obtained by calling the county clerk’s office at 664-0449.