GC President Encouraging Students, Parents To Contact Legislators Over MAP Funding


Approximately 125,000 college students in Illinois have been awarded MAP grants this school year. However, they haven’t seen the money due to the state’s ongoing budget impasse.

Greenville College President Dr. Ivan Filby stopped by the WGEL studios recently to talk about the situation. He said many states, including the state of Illinois, make grants available for low income college students to remain within their home state as they pursue higher education. In Illinois, this is referred to as MAP, or Monetary Assistance Program.

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Filby said colleges throughout the state fronted the money for students during the first semester, but many are not able to do that any longer. He said parents will see the difference on their bill for the second semester.

He encourages parents and students to contact their local representatives. He said lawmakers report they are hearing from colleges and universities, but not from students and parents, who are most directly affected.

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Greenville College’s portion of the missing MAP grant funding exceeds $1.3 million.

Filby said Illinois is already ranked 49th out of the 50 states when it comes to high school graduates leaving their home state for higher education, surpassed only by New Jersey. He said the lack of MAP grant funding will further negatively impact that statistic.

Dr. Ivan Filby will be our guest on an upcoming edition of WGEL’s Public Affairs, to talk more about the MAP grant funding shortage in Illinois.