Granite City Man Dies After Falling Through Ice

A malfunctioning drone crashed on ice Saturday and a Granite City man drowned trying to recover it, according to the Madison County Coroner’s office.

54 year old Mark Miller was flying the drone with his 11 year old son near the Low Water Dam on Chouteau Island in the City of Madison. According to authorities, Miller walked down to the water to retrieve the drone and told his son to wait in the car. After three hours the car ran out of gas and the 11 year old boy started to walk and look for help around 9:00 p.m.

He was picked up by a concerned motorist and taken to a local police station.

A helicopter was used to light the area and footprints were seen leading to a broken area in the ice.

Madison firefighters were called for the search and recovery and were assisted by the Long Lake Fire Department.

The boy did not see his father fall through the ice, and is currently with his mother.