Greenville City Council Takes Action To Demolish Two Houses


At its recent meeting, the Greenville City Council approved bids from Daniken Excavating to demolish two houses that had been determined to be public nuisances due to their condition.

The houses are at 324 East South Avenue and 419 West Washington Avenue.

Daniken Excavating was the low bidder among eight submitting prices. The low bid for the South Avenue structure was $3,965.10 and the cost to tear down the Washington Avenue house is $4,864.30.

City Manager Dave Willey said the property owner of the South Avenue house quitclaimed the property to the city.

Once the Washington Avenue house is down, the city will place a lien on the property for the cost of the demolition.

Willey said the city continues to take action on unsightly buildings. “Derelict buildings and buildings that are in disrepair…eventually they hurt the neighborhood, they become a haven for neighborhood problems, they’re obviously unsightly,” he said. “…and it becomes the city’s responsibility because in most cases these are absentee owners, so we end up having to do something to remedy the situation.”

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The city manager said new state laws have made it easier for cities to take care of derelict buildings. He said the action requires posting notification, some title search, and the sending of notices to anyone with an interest in the property. If the city doesn’t receive a response within 30 days, within 10 days they can then demolish the house and file a lien for the cost of demolition.

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Willey said the process is now about 90 days faster than before, making the process much more efficient.