Potential Mulberry Grove Property Tax Increase Explained; Sanitation District Board Approves New Equipment

The Mulberry Grove Sanitation District Board met Tuesday night in the Village Hall. Several village residents attended the meeting and asked questions concerning the budget crunch faced by the Village Board. Village Board members also attended and pointed out to residents the possible property tax increase would not be 34% as was initially thought but might be 34% of the 10% levied by the board. The increase would actually be about 3.4% for village residents only if property taxes increased.

Both boards looked at old contracts and historical documents and decided to work together to write a new contract. Initial contract proposals are expected within a week so a new contract may be finalized quickly.

Some new equipment is needed for the sewer system. The Sanitation District Board approved expenditures of approximately $22,000 for three complete aeration systems, two replacement motors for aeration systems, and one sump pump for the number one lift station. The amount does not include labor to install the new equipment.

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