Production Halted Indefinitely At Hillsboro Deer Run Mine

Foresight Energy, the parent company of Hillsboro Energy LLC, has announced production at the Deer Run Coal Mine near Hillsboro has been indefinitely shut down.

The company is continuing its efforts to extinguish the March 2015 fire within the longwall district in the mine.

According to Foresight Energy officials, at this time the efforts have not been successful and they do not know when or if production will resume at Deer Run.

Foresight is working closely with the Mine Safety and Health Administration to explore alternatives to resolve the situation. The current coal market situation and the current status of Hillsboro’s Deer Run Mine has led to a company-wide reduction in workforce by 100 miners.

In March of 2015, a fire broke out at the longwall mine and high carbon monoxide levels made it unsafe to continue coal production.