Unit 2 Board Approves Bond Application Resolution


A special meeting of the Bond County Unit 2 Board of Education was held Monday evening.

The board voted 6 to 0 to approve a resolution to submit an application to the Illinois State Board of Education for qualified school construction bond designation. The state has created the program, using federal funds, which allows districts to issue bonds at little or no interest.

Superintendent Wes Olson emphasized Unit 2 is not issuing bonds, but would like the option if state designation is received.

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Olson said the district has approximately $2.9 million of projects, from the old life-health safety plan, that have not been addressed.

Board President Edmar Schreiber talked about the importance of maintaining school buildings. He pointed out that when families are thinking of moving to a community, one of their first visits is to the local schools. He said if those buildings are in disrepair, it’s a, “huge negative right off the top that’s going to keep people from wanting to be here. If we don’t have that brand new high school, or even close to brand new high school, like some of the other surrounding communities have, bare minimum, I think we need to at least take care of the assets we have so that we’re showing good stewardship, but also presenting a halfway decent face to potential new customers of our district.”

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Superintendent Olson told the board there is no risk in submitting an application as the district is not making a commitment to use the program.