Unit 2 Sales Tax Referendum Submitted

Bond County Community Unit 2 has submitted the official paperwork to place a facility sales tax referendum on the March primary election ballot.

The Unit 2 school board approved a resolution during its December meeting for the sales tax vote.

Bond County Clerk Randy Reitz received the paperwork a week ago, far before the deadline.

The question on the ballot will be, “Shall a retailers’ occupation tax and a service occupation tax, commonly known as a sales tax, be imposed in the county of Bond at a rate of one percent to be used exclusively for school facility purposes.

Since Unit 2 represents more than 50 percent of the student enrollment in the county, it has the right, by state law, to put the referendum on the ballot.

Registered voters from throughout Bond County will be able to vote on the issue.

If the sales tax passes, money raised from it would not only go to Unit 2, but also to the Mulberry Grove School District, and any surrounding districts where Bond County residents attend.

The sales tax would only apply to items that are currently assessed sales tax.

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