Assistant Fire Chief On Rescue Of Girl Stuck In Mud

A nine-year-old girl became stuck up to near her knees in a ditch near Breehne Park Sunday afternoon.

The Greenville police department received a call about 3 p.m. and Greenville firemen and an ambulance crew were sent to the scene.

Jim Sutton, assistant fire chief, said the girl stepped into a water-filled ditch and both legs became stuck in the mud. She had been playing with some other youths, who eventually realized the girl was stuck. Adults were contacted.

Attempts to remove the girl from the mud were not successful, leading to police and firemen being contacted. Sutton said by the time firemen arrived, the girl had been in the mud and water for about 30 minutes.

Sutton said people trying to assist others who are stuck, must use caution.

Click below to hear him detail some steps you can take should you find yourself in such a situation:

The girl was checked at the scene by EMTs and was determined not to be injured.

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