Bond County Property Assessment Notices Explained

Property owners in Bond County recently received notices in the mail from the supervisor of assessments regarding the quadrennial assessments.

There is a box on the notice titled 2015 full market value. If a property owner would put the property up for sale and they don’t believe they would be able to get that amount, Supervisor of Assessments Georgia Shank suggests the owner make an appointment to meet with the county board of review.

Appointments are being made only to March 24th by calling the office at 664-2848. Property owners must present something to back up their claim that the assessed valuation should be lower.

The notice provides the past year’s assessment and the reassessed figures for houses, farmland and farm buildings.

Shank said it is not known what the affect of assessed value changes will have on an individual’s tax bill. That depends on the levies approved by the taxing districts in the county.

Anyone with questions can call the supervisor of assessments office, once again, at 664-2848.