Greenville City Council Begins Idler Lane Improvement Project


The Greenville City Council has hired HM & G of Carlyle to do preliminary engineering work on a project to improve Idler Lane, near Illinois Rt. 127.

Money from the federal aid to urban routes program will be used to pay the majority of the cost.

City Manager Dave Willey told WGEL the project will encompass Idler Lane from Rt. 127 up to and including SW Andrews Drive, which leads into the industrial park. Willey said the project will, “…curb and gutter and storm drain that section. It will also create turning designs so that when you’re leaving Idler Lane and you’re turning onto 127, you’ll have both a left turn and a right turn lane that are real lanes.” Willey said people already do that, but at this point, they’re really just, “…kind of cheating over on the right side. They’ll go around somebody and they’re out on the shoulder doing it. This will turn it into a legal turning action and have it all marked appropriately.”

The work on the project is scheduled for Fiscal Year 2017.

Click below to hear the city manager’s comments:

The estimated cost for the project is $692,000. The price for the services of H M & G is not to exceed $86,000, with Greenville paying up to $43,000 from city street improvement funds.

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