Greenville Connection To Tragic Kalamazoo Shooting

There is a local connection to the mass shootings that occurred in Kalamazoo, Michigan Saturday night.

According to WGEL Farm Reporter Joe Doll, one of the victims, Barbara Hawthorne, age 68, of Battle Creek, Michigan, was the former sister-in-law to his sister, Mary.

The gunman approached vehicles in a parking lot and opened fire on the occupants. Hawthorne was in a vehicle in which three other adult women were killed and a 14-year-old girl was wounded.

The girl was thought to be dead, but as doctors were preparing to harvest her organs, she squeezed her mother’s hand, then did it several more times. The teenager was rushed into surgery.

People were shot at three different locations during the night. A total of six were killed and two wounded.

Jason Brian Dalton, age 45, was arrested about 12:40 a.m. Sunday after his vehicle was seen on a surveillance camera. Police, advising Dalton had no previous criminal record, described the rampage as “random shootings.”

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