McCarter On MAP Funding Issue

State Senator Kyle McCarter

Colleges and universities around the state continue to ask parents and students to contact their state legislators to encourage the release of Monetary Award Program, or MAP grant, funds.

State Senator Kyle McCarter is visiting 33 counties in 30 days as part of his campaign for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Representative in Illinois’s 15th congressional district. He stopped in Greenville recently, a visit that included time with Greenville College students.

We asked McCarter his thoughts on the MAP funding situation. He said he believed the money should be allocated based on performance. He noted that it was easy for him to say that because the schools in his district have performed, showing good graduation levels, lowering tuition costs more than most, and making tough decisions to live within their means.

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McCarter said he is co-sponsoring a bill having to do with the MAP program.

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When asked about the state’s ongoing budget impasse, McCarter said, “I think this one’s probably going to run into the next one”, noting that the state may have to pass two budgets at once in May.