Shimkus Receives Farm Bureau Endorsement During Greenville Visit

Congressman John Shimkus with constituents and Farm Bureau personnel Monday.

Monday afternoon, Congressman John Shimkus was endorsed for re-election by the Illinois Farm Bureau’s Political Involvement Fund.

Adam Nielsen, Illinois Farm Bureau director of national legislation and political development, made the announcement at the Bond County Farm Bureau office. He said the farm bureau’s agenda has essentially been Shimkus’ agenda.

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Congressman Shimkus expressed his appreciation for the endorsement. He said while he’s not a farmer, they have, “…in essence kind of adopted me and helped educate me to make sure that I understand the policies.”

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Shimkus is being opposed in the March 15th primary election by Illinois Senator Kyle McCarter.

Shimkus is in his 20th year as a member of the U.S. Congress.

With the endorsement of Farm Bureau’s Activator, Shimkus will receive in-kind financial support.

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