Troy Police Recover Over $10,000 Worth Of Stolen Firearms

Troy Police have arrested two eighteen year olds and four juveniles for allegedly stealing over $10,000 worth of firearms during a house party. Kameron Garcia and Cole Young, both 18 and both of Collinsville, and four juveniles have been charged with alleged Aggravated Possession of Stolen Firearms.

On January 8, a Troy resident reported that six firearms, which were considered collectors’ items and had cash value over $10,000, were stolen from her home. During the course of the investigation it was determined that the firearms were stolen during a house party on January 1. The investigation further revealed that one of the stolen guns was found in a Metro-East high school a day prior to the reported theft.

On January 7 a police officer at a Collinsville high school located one of the stolen firearms and took it and a juvenile suspect into custody. Troy police detectives learned of the arrest in Collinsville and began a joint investigation with the Collinsville Police Department.

During the joint investigation it was discovered that four of the remaining five stolen firearms were going to be transferred in Troy. Troy police officers intercepted the exchange of the four stolen firearms and that led to the voluntary return of the remaining stolen firearm the next day.

Aggravated Possession of 6-10 Firearms is a Class X felony with a sentence of 6 – 30 years in prison. Unlawful Delivery of Stolen Firearms ranges from a Class 4 to Class 1 felony. In this case the stolen firearms were delivered within 1000 feet of a school, making it a Class 1 felony with a possible sentence of 4 – 15 years in prison.

Garcia and Young are currently in custody at the Madison County Jail and are being held on $100,000 bond. The juveniles are currently being held at the Madison County Juvenile Detention Center.