Albers Man Charged With Alleged Attempted Murder

Gary Walthes

Numerous charges have been filed in Clinton County Circuit Court against an Albers man, including alleged attempted murder, as a result of an incident that occurred at his home the morning of March 11th.

Gary Walthes, age 37, is charged with two counts of alleged attempted first degree murder with the intent to kill or injure, felony armed violence, felony attempted aggravated battery by discharge of a firearm, felony attempted aggravated battery to a police officer, felony possession of cannabis plants, possession of a firearm by a felon, and felony obstruction of justice.

Detectives and a deputy from the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department went to Walthes’ residence to serve a search warrant, obtained due to suspicion that Walthes was allegedly growing marijuana in his home.

One of three children in the home allowed the officers to enter. It was reported Walthes was in a closet and officers ordered him to come out. Walthes allegedly peeked from around a corner, displayed a handgun, and pulled the trigger with the gun pointed at a detective. The gun did not fire because there was no round in the chamber, although there was a full magazine in the weapon.

Police fled the home and set up outside. Within 15 minutes, Walthes walked out the front door and surrendered. Later police searched the residence and allegedly found marijuana plants and weapons.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 6th in Clinton County Circuit Court.