Do’s & Don’ts Of Greenville City Leaf Pickup


The City of Greenville’s spring leaf vacuuming program begins Monday, March 14 and will last through April 15.

The city’s vacuum will be in operation Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

City Public Works Superintendent Bill Grider said on Mondays, the city picks up leaves on the south end and west side of Greenville. On Wednesdays, pickup occurs north of Durley Street and east of Elm Street. On Fridays, crews pick up leaves south of Durley Street and east of Elm Street.

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The city will also pick up bagged leaves, if residents choose to do that.

Grider said leaves should be placed on the edge of the pavement or on the curb, but not in ditches or actually in the streets. Make sure cars are not blocking piles of leaves.

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Leaf piles should be no higher than three feet, and sticks, brush and debris should be removed from them.

The city offers the leaves back to the community in another form, according to Grider. The leaves are placed in the city’s compost pile, which is an ongoing pile. The leaves are turned every month and process over the course of a year. The compost makes good garden material and is given away to residents in April.

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Residents must obtain a free leaf burning permit in order to burn leaves.