Greenville Junior High Students Present Musical This Weekend

This year’s Greenville Junior High School Musical will be presented Friday and Saturday in the gymnasium.

Julie Reddy, music director, said the show is “James & the Giant Peach, Jr.”, which is based on the book James & the Giant Peach. She said the show fit the talents of the students well and has a great variety of music.

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Nearly 30 students are members of the cast with 10 students on the crew and 10 other after-school art students contributing to scenery.

Reddy said the storyline for “James & the Giant Peach, Jr.” centers around a boy, James, who has to go and live with his mean aunts. A magician tells James to mix up a potion, which will give him a better life. Adventure ensues.

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The musical begins at 6 p.m. Friday and Saturday.