Greenville Regional Hospital Releases Economic Impact Report

Greenville Regional Hospital has released its 2014 economic impact report.

Brian Nall, president and CEO for the hospital, said the report is provided by the Illinois Health and Hospital Association, which compiles the data for the hospital.

Nall said it gives information about employment by the hospital and how the facility positively affects the local economy.

He said for every dollar that a hospital or health system spends, an additional dollar and a half is generated in the local and state economy. He said for every hospital job in Illinois, nearly one and a half jobs are created in the local and state economy.

Greenville Regional Hospital employs 277 people, which translates to $18 million in payroll and benefits. The hospital spent over $12 million in goods and services in 2014.

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The report also showed capital spending of $3.5 million dollars putting the total economic impact at $76.96 million dollars

In 2015, Greenville Regional had 1,527 inpatient visits, 37,861 outpatient visits and procedures, 7,508 emergency room visits, and 222 births.

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