Health Board Dealing With Lack Of State Funds

In their recent meeting, the Bond County Board of Health received an update on the state funding situation. Public Health Administrator Mark Ayers said the state currently owes the department almost $227,000 in grant funds. Of the owed amount, the state hasn’t paid a dollar on seven separate grants, an amount that totals nearly $159,000.

The Health Department’s 2015 annual report was approved. Among other highlights, it shows the home health program conducted a total of 6,165 visits to patients last year; 1,387 hospice visits were made; 78 vision and 48 hearing screenings were provided; 1,245 immunizations were given; 370 TB skin tests were conducted; 1,214 dental examinations were done; and a total of 8,376 service hours were logged in the areas of mental health and substance abuse.

The board noted the recent spike in flu cases in Bond County. Board member Dr. Tom Dawdy pointed out that the current flu season has been very mild compared to other years, but it has been a very late season. 46 cases have been reported since October, the vast majority of which occurred in late February and so far in March.