House & Senate Incumbents Survive Challenges

Two incumbents in the United States House and one incumbent U.S. Senator survived challenges in Tuesday’s primary election.

John Shimkus, a 20-year veteran in Congress, defeated Kyle McCarter to be the Republican candidate in November for Representative in the 15th District.

In Bond County, McCarter, who represents the Illinois senate district which includes Bond County, led Shimkus with 929 votes to the incumbent’s 911 votes. The six southern townships of Bond County are in the 15th District.

In a statement after his primary victory, Shimkus expressed appreciation to voters, his volunteers and supporters. He also thanked McCarter for a hard-fought campaign. McCarter will remain an Illinois senator.

The other three Bond county Townships are in U.S. District 13.

Rodney Davis, the incumbent Republican, was a winner in a challenge from Ethan Vandersand. In Bond County, Davis received 533 votes while Vandersand totaled 160 votes.

Davis said he was humbled by the overwhelming amount of support received from the voters.

Davis will face Democrat Mark Wicklund in the November election.

For U.S. Senator in November, the race will be incumbent Republican Mark Kirk against Democrat Tammy Duckworth.

Kirk defeated James Marter in the primary. Bond County vote totals were 1,507 for Kirk and 819 for Marter.

Duckworth defeated two opponents, Andrea Zopp and Napoleon Harris. She also led in Bond County, receiving 945 votes with 268 for Zopp and 143 for Harris.

*All election results are unofficial until they have been canvassed.