Kaskaskia College To Implement Four Day Work Week

In light of severe financial challenges due to the lack of funding from the state of Illinois, the Kaskaskia College Board of Trustees approved a resolution Monday for a four-day operational schedule for the full academic year for the main campus. This move extends their previous “summer hours” resolution and aligns with the 4 day schedule recently approved for all education centers. The board says the four-day work week will have significant savings in energy effectiveness and provide students extended opportunity for family and employment over the three day weekends.

The Board approved changes to the Jump Start and College Now Programs which benefit high school students seeking college credit. The program will be revised to reduce eligibility from 4 credit hours to 3 credit hours effective this Summer 2016. Students will continue to pay half the normal tuition rate plus mandatory fees for the 3 credit hours and shall pay full tuition for additional credit hours taken beyond the 3.

The College Now Program will be revised to no long cover the cost of books or course related fees, effective Fall 2016. Tuition and mandatory fees will still be waived.

The Board approved a tuition increase to combat the lack of State funding support. Effective Summer 2016, the in-district tuition will be set at $133 a credit hour and mandatory fees will remain at $16 per credit hour for a total of $149 per credit hour. Out-of-District (In-State) tuition will be set at $235 a credit hour and mandatory fees remain at $16 for a total of $251.

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