Mulberry Grove Village Board Addresses Budget Cuts

At their Monday night meeting, the Mulberry Grove Village Board passed a recommendation from the finance committee concerning necessary budget cuts to make up an estimated $18,000.00 shortfall. The committee proposed cutting $2,000.00 from the $12,000.00 police protection budget, cutting the Animal Control Officer and Code Enforcement Officer positions for a savings of $6,000.00, reducing legal fees by $1,800.00, cutting funding for an office assistant for a savings of $2,000.00, and increasing water rates by fifty cents per thousand gallons of water used for a projected income of $3,000.00 – $3,500.00 per year. The total of the proposed cuts is $15,300.00. The board unanimously approved the proposal.

The board adopted an updated contract with the Sanitation District which stipulates a monthly payment of $1,500.00, about half the amount the village was paying, for an annual savings of $18,000.00. The contract is for one year.

With the closing of the Jumpin’ Jimmy’s store in Mulberry Grove, the board is pursuing other possibilities for getting a convenience store and gas station in the village. Some individuals and at least one franchise have expressed interest. The property is for sale for $80,000.00, reduced from the original asking price of $600,000.00.

The board approved a contract with Susan Lions for auditor services for the current fiscal year.

Village insurance for coverage of property, liability, and worker’s comp is currently $25,000.00 – $28,000.00, approximately 40% of the annual budget. More reasonable coverage is being sought.

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