Rare DeMoulin Documents On Display


The DeMoulin Museum is opening a new display this month featuring over a dozen never before displayed letters, shipping forms, and internal memos. The spotlighted documents range from an 1899 envelope when the business was known as Ed DeMoulin & Bro. to a 1982 memo advising employees of the sale of the company’s cap and gown division.

Because the museum has over 100 documents in its collection, the group on display is considered the most unique. Other highlights include a 1903 letter to a lodge customer in Walla Walla, Washington which references the Throne of Honor, a rare DeMoulin lodge initiation device and a 1912 shipping receipt to a Masonic lodge in Crosby, Minnesota. It is believed this was a new lodge because of the large number of items ordered from the factory such as aprons, gavels, hoodwinks, and a ballot box.

DeMoulin Museum curator John Goldsmith said, “Documents like these give us a glimpse at how big the sales of lodge supplies and regalia were for the DeMoulin company. We’ve been fortunate that over the years DeMoulin ephemera have shown up on eBay and at flea markets, antique stores, and paper collector shows.”

The new display is being launched in conjunction with the museum’s sixth anniversary, which is later this month.

Although not part of the rare documents display, an 1897 invitation to a reception for newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Ulysses S. DeMoulin, hosted by Ed DeMoulin, can now be seen in the DeMoulin family display case. News accounts from the time report around 300 people attended the reception which was described as “a brilliant social success…long to be remembered in Greenville society circles.”

The DeMoulin Museum is located at 110 W. Main Street. The DeMoulin Museum is dedicated to the founders, employees, and unique products made by DeMoulin Bros. & Co. For more information about the museum, visit www.demoulinmuseum.org