Soil Sampling Available To City Residents

Soil sampling isn’t just for country folks.

The Bond County Soil and Water Conservation District is urging local residents in municipalities to have their yards sampled to help combat excessive nitrogen and phosphorus getting into the water supply.

Emily Hartmann, director of the district, said several residents have already taken advantage of the program. She said the test can help residents save money as it will determine whether fertilizer is necessary, or an unneeded expense, for lawns. For gardens, the results will help determine what kind of fertilizer is best. The test is $9 if you bring the sample in yourself and $25 if you’d like district personnel to come to your property.

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The district will provide a sample bag. Hartman said getting a soil sample is easy. Samples should be taken from 4-6 inches below the ground surface, using a clean spade or shovel.

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Information about soil sampling was included in a flier that was included in the City of Greenville March utility bills.

The Soil and Water Conservation District office is at 1111 East Harris Avenue in Greenville. The agency’s telephone number is 664-3590, extension 3.