Unit 2 Superintendent On Recent Reductions

As reported earlier on WGEL, the Bond County Community Unit 2 board of education took action Monday night to reduce about $440,000 of expenditures from next year’s budget.

The majority of the reductions pertained to personnel.

Superintendent Wes Olson said the situation in Springfield, specifically the lack of a budget and the proration of the general state aid formula for the last four years, has had a negative impact on the district’s finances. Olson said while those funds aren’t the sole basis of the district’s revenue, historically over 40% has been supplied by the state.

Olson said the board has been trying to reduce expenditures, but as they’ve taken those actions over the years, there has also been a steady decrease in revenue.

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The school district has a budget reduction plan on file with the state board of education. Olson said the board was thoughtful in putting together their four year plan. He noted that the process was spread over four years because balancing the budget all at once would result in greater cuts than the board would want and than the community would accept.

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Other reductions approved by the board are in district supplies, paper, and library supplies. PBIS rewards and services, and attendance at the annual state school board conference were eliminated. The board also clarified select job descriptions to fully reflect loss prevention safety responsibilities.