Eliminate Standing Water

In their recent meeting, the Bond County Board of Health urged residents to eliminate any standing water they observe around their home or on their property.

Taking such action can help with mosquito abatement and potentially reduce chances of West Nile and Zika virus activity.

Public Health Administrator Mark Ayers said 10 cases of Zika have been confirmed in Illinois; eight women, two of whom were pregnant, and two men. All ten had traveled to at least one Caribbean location. The board said Illinois is projected to have the kind of mosquito known to carry the Zika virus, but they may not be present in this part of the state. Board member Dr. Tom Dawdy said the virus is a tremendous concern, but noted that no known cases have been transmitted by mosquitoes in the continental U.S.

Ayers also reported that there have been 52 confirmed cases of the flu in Bond County. This includes 18 in March and 5 so far in April. Most cases have been the A strain. The total number is less than last year and the season has been mild overall, however it has been a late season compared to other years.

Bond County Hospice was the recipient of a $3,000 contribution recently. The funds were donated by the Greenville Firemen’s Association following the Dave Marti Memorial Fish Fry.