Greenville City Council Talked Trash Thursday

An early example of the trash containers to be provided by Doty Sanitation. The ones that will be given to Greenville residents will be brown in color.

Trash was the major topic of discussion Thursday night at a special Greenville City Council meeting.

Residents were invited to make comments about the proposal from Doty Sanitation to continue to pick up trash in Greenville.

Doty has proposed going to a system using a truck that picks up the trash tote and empties it. The company wants to provide each household an orange, 96-gallon container, eliminating residents having their own garbage cans. Trash bags would not be allowed to be placed along the street.

Approximately 20 persons attended the meeting. Councilmen and City Manager said they had received various comments from residents about the proposal.

Many of those speaking at the meeting favored seeking bids for trash service, others didn’t like the bright orange color of the container, and some concerns were voiced about people parking vehicles in places that would prohibit trash being picked up by the automated truck.

Mayor Alan Gaffner said he was pleased with the attendance at the meeting and people can still express their opinions. He said the city is still very receptive to feedback and residents may share their comments by calling the Municipal Building or talking to City Manager Dave Willey or any member of the City Council.

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The regular city council meeting is Tuesday and Mayor Gaffner said trash disposal will once again be a topic. He said no decision has been made yet and several options remain on the table for the council to consider.

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Representatives from two other trash pickup services were at the Thursday night meeting.