Greenville City Council To Talk Trash In Special Meeting

The Greenville City Council will conduct a special meeting Thursday, April 7th at 7 p.m. in the Greenville Municipal Building.

City Manager Dave Willey told WGEL the session’s sole agenda item is the sanitation contract. Residents are welcome to attend and Willey also said residents can contact City Hall prior to or after the meeting.

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The current trash service, Doty Sanitation, has proposed that 96-gallon, orange trash containers be given to every household so the container could be picked up and emptied using a special truck. This would eliminate any trash bags being left along the street and being picked up by the trash service.

Willey said the city council’s regular meeting is April 12th. The council will have to decide to accept a negotiated contract with Doty, accept a contract with changes, or put the trash contract out for bid.

Mayor Alan Gaffner said the April 7th meeting is only for informational purposes, and no action will be taken at it. He reported that Dave Doty will be in attendance.

Gaffner told WGEL it is not known if any action will occur at the April 12th meeting, noting if more time is necessary to review the trash disposal situation, then the council will wait.