Greenville Fire Protection District Offering Flood Tips

Greenville Fire Captain Bobby Stief with the district's new boat.

Springtime usually means rainy weather conditions, often leading to the flooding of roads.

The Greenville Fire Protection District has a dive team to assist in rescue situations with a boat that can be pressed into service.

Bobby Stief, a fire district captain, said the boat was purchased last fall to assist with shallow water rescues. Crews have put it to use a few times already and have conducted training drills with it.

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The Greenville District dive team has seven members.

Stief urges local motorists to avoid driving through flood waters. He said the most important thing to remember is, “Turn around and don’t drown.”

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The fire captain said to be extremely cautious when leaving a vehicle in flood water.

It is important to have a cell phone to call for help and Stief recommends having a window punch in the vehicle in case it becomes submerged. The punch can be used to break a window and escape from the vehicle.

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