Inmate Sentenced For Escape


52 year old Shelia B. Hatfield, formerly an inmate at the Federal Prison Camp in Greenville, was sentenced this week for Escape. Hatfield received 15 additional months in federal prison, followed by 3 years supervised release.

Hatfield, who was an inmate at FPC-Greenville at the time, was found in the parking lot of Buchheit on March 9, 2015, without having received authorization to leave the prison camp’s grounds. When captured, Hatfield was found with a bottle of whiskey, two bottles of vodka, fifteen packs of cigarettes, rolling papers, a cigarette lighter, and three packs of gum, all of which are prohibited items at FPC-Greenville. Hatfield had purchased the items from a nearby convenience store. She claimed that she was forced to leave the camp to buy the contraband because of abuse and harassment suffered at the hands of other inmates in her unit, but the claims were never substantiated.

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